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Operation Christmas Tree’s mission is to contribute abundantly to the collective holiday and community spirit in Sonoma County – a spirit that is contagious and truly exemplifies the real meaning of Christmas.

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1. First, fill out an application form

drawing of a green christmas tree in forest of grey trees

2. Schedule a day to go to the Operation Christmas Tree farm

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3. Find the perfect tree to bring home

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4. Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season

NOBODY should go without a Christmas tree

Operation Christmas Tree launched in the winter of 2020 during the wave of pandemic-related unemployment. We committed to delivering Christmas trees to Sonoma County families who could use a little extra support over the holidays. The response was overwhelming, and we delivered over 200 trees and their trimmings, along with hot meals and Christmas gifts, in the days leading up to Christmas day.

This year we have partnered with a local farm to make our Christmas season even better for our community’s families. Families will be able to visit the Operation Christmas Tree farm and choose their own pre-cut tree and all the decorations they will need.

If your family is in need, we are here for you. Just fill out an application form, schedule a day to come visit our tree farm (the farm opens November 27), and kick off your holiday season by choosing your beautiful tree to take home and decorate. If you know other families in need, please let them know about Operation Christmas Tree.